Discovering this area also means immersing oneself in its fascinating ancient history. A history made of stone, that of the small medieval villages where time seems to stand still. 

The villages

The characteristic Tuscan villages scattered throughout the territory welcome with their medieval structures, many of them in fact were forts and castles. Most preserve the ancient urban layout, and there is no shortage of ruins, medieval walls and rich churches, all waiting to be discovered. Getting lost in the stone alleys or in the small squares that open onto the valleys is a real journey through time. Each village then preserves its traditions and legendary stories.


The territory of Marliana is also characterized by the presence of wonderful fine organs. These instruments can be found in the churches of most of the villages. Many of them were made by the world’s leading manufacturers, the Agati and Tronci families. Their companies also made the prestigious organs of the 1903 Church of the Dutchmen in Livorno (destroyed during World War II) and that of the Church of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the province of Lucca.