Beauty and nature

From natural beauty to ancient history, from hospitality to genuine culinary traditions. The territory of Marliana is the perfect spot for those who love Tuscan villages. But also for those who want to discover the most authentic and close Pistoia mountains. This area is made up of wonderful villages, reachable by car or through trekking trails. Views wind along scenic glades, chestnut, fir and olive groves. Each hamlet has its own characteristic landscape: to discover this area is to be amazed by its natural beauty and history.


Marliana connects the side of the Pistoian mountains closest to Montecatini and the side closest to Pistoia. These are the two main gateways: that of the quaint village of Marliana, less than a 20-minute drive from Montecatini. And that of the small village of Montagnana, just 10 minutes from the historic center of Pistoia. On the other slopes it looks over the Swiss pesciatina and the town of San Marcello Piteglio. This privileged position for a mountainous, foothill area makes Marliana a truly unique place.

History and traditions

Climbing both these slopes one encounters typical medieval villages, rich in history. Protagonists are the stone alleys, ancient churches, and fascinating medieval relics and ruins.  Marliana is also an area rich in traditions, legends and genuine culinary specialties. Routes will take you to discover chestnuts and delicious typical bread. Each village preserves rituals and recurrences of the past, such as festivals and village fairs, unmissable events especially during the fall and summer.