One of the reasons to visit this area is to completely immerse yourself in nature and discover open and wonderful views. Going through Marliana you will find yourself surrounded by real corners of paradise, where nature and vast views are the protagonists. 

Woods, trails and waterways

The paths are often immersed in lush chestnut and turkey oak forests, some of them centuries old. Crossing the paths among the beautiful ancient trees, savoring the pure air and the scents of the underbrush, is a truly unique experience. If you choose to explore the Marliana area on foot then you will also encounter many waterways: wonderful rivers and fairy-tale streams.

Relaxation, picnics and views

There is no shortage of green and cozy glades where you can relax. One of the most celebrated places is the great expanse of the Macchia Antonini, where you can also picnic and enjoy the peace of this timeless space. But one of the features most appreciated by visitors to the area are the spectacular views. Many of these views can be enjoyed from the villages, while others are reserved for those who choose trekking, which between one walk and the next offers truly amazing landscapes.