Mysteries, legends and relaxation between Pistoia and the Nievole

A name, a legend. Femminamorta is one of the most mystical stops in the Marliano area. Starting from the story behind its name, to the trekking route that leads to the “devil’s stone.” Located right on the border between the Pistoia and Montecatini sides, this hamlet is also one of the main summer tourist destinations in the area, thanks to its 860 meters above sea level and the presence of many accommodation activities. From Femminamorta pass the village trail and the stone trail.


This village has always been a crossroads of roads and trails crossed by wayfarers and pilgrims, both in Roman and medieval times. The name Femina Morta came in the 17th century, after the discovery of a woman’s corpse under the snow. But in the 19th century the small hamlet was also called Dogana Vecchia. This was because it was the site of an actual customs house separating the Grand Duchy of Tuscany from the Duchy of Lucca. During World War II the Gothic Line passed near Femminamorta.

What to see

The first thing to do is to enjoy the wonderful forests of chestnut, turkey oak and fir trees that surround this small hamlet. It is precisely from this lush nature that the Nievole stream springs, flowing into the valley of the same name. In Femminamorta it is also possible to relax and enjoy the pure air at Lago il Bimbo, a facility dedicated to relaxation and sport fishing. But from here also starts one of the most mysterious paths: the one to reach the Devil’s Rock. According to local legend, this particular boulder was carved by the devil himself: and whoever dares to disturb the natural quiet surrounding it will awaken its spirit.

The legend of the name

There is a story somewhere between myth and legend behind the name Femminamorta. Officially, the place name derives from the discovery of a maiden’s corpse. But the legend tells of two young lovers from Serravalle Pistoiese who were forced to separate a few days before their wedding because of an infamous accusation. The fiancé ran away and disappeared into the surrounding woods. The girl, given in marriage to another wealthy young man, fled on her wedding night to go in search of her true love. But she was caught in a blizzard, and it was at this location that she found her death.