The village on the mountain ridge

A magical place where time seems to stand still. A medieval village of stone houses built along the mountain ridge, in a dominant position. In Serra Pistoiese every corner is framed by breathtaking landscapes open to the surrounding mountains. The alleys all wind their way along the length and through the many small squares that open onto beautiful views. It is one of the most charming Tuscan villages in the Marliana area. To visit it is to immerse yourself in the most authentic traditions, made up of festivals, village festivals, but also ancient history and surprising routes. From Serra passes the path of the villages and the path of stone.


Built in medieval times, the village is perched on a long, narrow ridge. The first records of the spectacular village of Serra Pistoiese are from 1040. It was initially the stronghold of the Alberti Counts of Capraia, but it is likely to have existed before the year 1000. The castle was ceded to the Pistoiese in the 13th century, who used it as a garrison against the territories of Lucca. Serra was later destroyed in 1327 by the consul for life of Lucca Castruccio Castracani, but quickly rebuilt.

What to see

In the ancient medieval village of Serra Pistoiese, time has stood still and every detail is a discovery. The central street connects the two ancient castle gates of access, still visible and inserted in the ancient fortified perimeter. Also not to be missed is the Pieve di San Leonardo with its church, striking bell tower and fine organ. Serra is also the closest starting point to reach the amazing Pieve di Sant’Andrea di Furfalo.

Pieve castellana di San Leonardo

The church of San Leonardo is located in the upper part of the village. From medieval times, it still retains its original appearance. In the bell tower, which was originally the watch tower, is the ancient castellan gate, above which can be seen the Medici coat of arms. Not to be missed inside the church are the Romanesque stone capitals: some decorated with scenes from the Old Testament. Also located here is one of the prestigious pipe organs found in religious buildings in the municipality of Marliana. This one in particular dates from the 18th century and is still used for concerts today.

Traditions and festivals

One of the most striking traditional festivals that animate Serra Pistoiese is “Piazzette in festa.” A village event with ancient flavors, it offers tastings of typical dishes of the local peasant cuisine. From classic necci made of chestnut flour to farinata di cavolo nero and red wine. At dusk, the streets of the medieval village are lit by flashlights. Breathtaking scenery, fresh air and genuine traditions provide a natural setting for this event.