Thanks to its special location in Marliana you can find very different landscapes, from the most valley-like to the most mountainous. That’s why it is the ideal place to practice various outdoor sports and activities, from simple walks to Nordic walking.


For lovers of trekking, Marliana is a true paradise. In fact, it is possible to choose from six trails that cross the entire territory. Each with different levels of difficulty, some more suitable for the whole family, others more challenging. For those who love two wheels, on the other hand, they can choose the route dedicated to road biking, with a route completely on asphalt along a scenic and little traveled road. Another route is the one dedicated to mountain bikes, which runs along unpaved sections, and safe and reserved scenic roads. In Marliana, however, it is also possible to engage in relaxing sport fishing, thanks to the presence of Lake il Bimbo in Femminamorta. Finally, it is possible to take advantage of the sports fields present in some of the villages, and set out to play, immersed in the fresh, pure air of the area. 

Zoo and the Spider Park

Just 10 minutes from the village of Montagnana is the Pistoia Zoological Garden, one of the most famous nationally and internationally. The Zoo organizes many educational activities every day, both for adults and children.  In the vicinity of Margine di Momigno, on the other hand, is Spider Park, a real adventure park dedicated to young and old alike. Located in a beautiful beech forest, it offers various courses with fun climbs, nets and pitfalls, zip-lines and liana jumps, all in total safety. Here, among the 35-meter-high trees, you can choose between trails one meter above the ground suitable for toddlers (ages 3 to 8/9) and those for teens and adults of various difficulties and heights.